As a voice teacher, I strive to inspire my students to enjoy singing the music they love, with strength, ease, and confidence! In a fun, supportive, and positive environment, I endeavor to give my students the tools they need to be comfortable and happy when they sing. Whether you desire to be successful in effectively connecting your "chest" and "head" voice, or if you want a wider range with more volume of sound, I will help you reach your personal singing goals.

I am a classically trained singer with a Master's in Music in vocal performance, a Bachelor of Arts degree in operatic performance, and a Kodály Level 1 certificate, with over 18 years of private music teaching experience, and 25 years of performance experience. I’ve studied with many wonderful masters in the field including: Sarah Caldwell, Nico Castel, Martin Katz, Henri Venanzi, and Thomas Hampson, to name a few.

I'm a member of the San Francisco Chapter of the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC), National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), and a American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) member for over 14 years. I have sung with Opera Pacific in Costa Mesa, the Intimate Opera Company in Los Angeles, and San Diego Opera. Previous roles include the Mother (Amahl and the Night Visitors), under the direction of Fulbright Scholar, Kristof Van Gryspeer, Donna Elvira (Don Giovanni), Juno (La Calisto), Anna Gomez (The Counsel), and Marian (The Music Man). Other solo work has included Fauré’s Requiem, Purcell’s Ode to St. Cecilia, and various jazz combo work.

In addition to maintaining a private music studio, for the past 18 years, I've directed music programs for elementary schools in Orange County as well for the San Carlos School District.

Voice Lessons

I can help you with your singing goals by using a fusion of classically based singing techniques and modern performance methods. You will enjoy learning healthy vocal technique in a supportive environment, while singing the styles you love, including; classical, musical theatre, pop, rock, gospel, blues, country, folk and jazz. You will learn to free your voice from unnecessary tensions that diminish your natural sound, allowing you to sing with your very best authentic voice.

With each voice lesson, you receive a complementary digital recording for practice at home between lessons, or for performance preparation.

If you desire, as my voice student, you'll have various opportunities to hone your perfomance skills by singing in recitals, competitions, studio karaoke nights, and master classes. As your voice teacher, I will assist you in becoming the most expressive singer you can be!

I have taught numerous voice students, children and adults alike, who vary in age from as young as 8 to 65 and above. I enjoy teaching many students from a wide range of experience and knowledge, from the beginning learner to the professional singer with performance careers.

Group Voice Classes

Group Voice Classes are offered for a seven week period, and are taught in a master class setting with an optional performance for the last class. Classes are for students of all levels, ages, and musical goals. Class size is limited to 7 students. For additional personal attention, one 60 minute private lesson is included with the class fee. Classes are 75 minutes in length, and offer the student opportunities to gain confidence by performing in front of others, in a comfortable and fun environment. Tuition for the class is $200, with an additional enrollment and materials fee of $20. Please inquire about class dates. There must be a minimum enrollment of 5 people.

Happy Students!

Heather Snider, parent, San Francisco, California

If you want piano lessons to be a joyful and fun experience for your child then Eve Marie is the teacher you want. She is kind, loving, and fun while insisting that her students reach for their best. She has a natural feel for music and shares this with her students in a clear and focused teaching style. She is also happy to help parents do their part to support and nurture young students. Thanks to Eve Marie, my daughter has a love for the piano and an inner confidence in her abilities to play, hear, and read music.

Esther Miller, Huntington Beach, California

As a 51 year old woman, who loves musical theatre, classical music and smooth jazz I never dreamed I'd be taking vocal lessons for my own enjoyment. After conferring with Cal State University Long Beach, the referral to study under Eve Marie was confirmed after my first voice lesson. She has eased my nerves, augmented my repetoire of music and shared musicality that spilled over into new life lessons. I am thrilled to study with Eve Marie. She is a consumate music professional. You just don't encounter Eve; you experience her. Happy Singing!

Corey Livesay, San Carlos, California

Eve Marie has been teaching my 8 year old daughter piano for almost 2 years now. It looked like so much fun, my 5 year old son wanted to start lessons and so did I! She is able to work with all three of us, adjusting according to our different abilities and personalities (and that is not an easy task!). Eve Marie is patient, personable, reliable and dedicated to her profession. I would highly recommend her to any beginning piano student. Thank you Eve Marie!!

Angela Kalayjian, parent, San Carlos, California

Eve Marie has been a wonderful piano teacher for my son. His love for music and piano has blossomed under her tutelage. Eve Marie found sheet music that he really wanted to play and then combined this with the traditional lessons. She is a really talented teacher and very patient and encouraging with kids. I highly recommend Eve Marie.

Drew Morgan, 24 year old musician and songwriter for the band Dolphin City, Newport Beach, California

Lessons with Eve Marie Bordoli have been very helpful in a number of noticeable ways. Eve imparted some great warm-up techniques to get relaxed, warm, and ready to perform. She helped me understand the way that the human voice works and guided me to greater breath and pitch control. Private lessons with Eve are extremely helpful because she gives you specific feedback on your voice. Eve has a deep knowledge of the voice and can diagnose your weaknesses and strengths and offer specific techniques to remedy your issues. Eve is a friendly and natural teacher. She has a very well rounded understanding of the voice, its underlying biological mechanisms, and of music in general. Eve worked with me to achieve my goals. Whether you seek to improve your voice for professional reasons or you're looking for a really good way to relax I highly recommend private lessons with Eve Marie Bordoli.

Ondine T. Young, MA, DMA, USC, founding member of La Monica, Berkeley Hills, California

Eve Marie undoubtedly has the finest vocal instrument I have ever heard -- and my opinion is shared by all who hear her. She is an excellent musician, with an innate understanding of musical phrasing, drama, language, and intonation that are as natural and flowing as her voice. Eve Marie is also a patient and generous person with incredible communication skills, which enables her to be a wonderful voice teacher and choral conductor as well!

Linda, parent & elementary school teacher, Garden Grove, California

Thank you for being such a wonderful music teacher for my daughter Amanda! She just loves music! We are so appreciative of your amazing talents!

Stacey, 4th grade voice student, Huntington Beach, California

I enjoy Miss Bordoli's singing classes very much! She is funny and fun, but serious when it is business time. She is extremely good at teaching singing and does a great job of it. She will help you understand how to sing a note or how to exercise your voice before singing. She is very encouraging and gives you a lot of compliments. Miss Bordoli gives a lot of feedback to improve singing and it really helps!!! She is incredibly patient and will take the time to help you on your sticky spots.

Susie, parent of two children, Huntington Beach, California

Miss Bordoli's voice lessons have been so valuable to my daughter Stacey. My daughter started to take singing lessons with her nearly two years ago. Ever since then I have noticed how much confidence my daughter has gained when singing in front of an audience. During every lesson, Miss Bordoli helped to reinforce discipline, good singing posture, and confidence in a fun, encouraging, supportive, professional and loving way to develop her vocal skills in various ways. I'm very grateful for all of what Miss Bordoli has done for my daughter.

Jenny Freck, parent of 1st grade student, Huntington Beach, California

Thanks and we loved the class so you if you do it again let me know as Kennedy was just asking about it the other day.

Voice Lesson Rates

The following rates are based on the purchase of a 8 lesson package, paid in advance, taught in my San Francisco (Bernal Heights) studio. I also offer other economical lesson packages to fit your specific needs, and rates are lower, the more lessons you wish to buy at a time. Rates are typically higher if you wish to have me come to your home, or if you would like to purchase lessons individually.

8 Lesson Package Rates

- to be taken within a 9 week time frame -

Private, one-on-one attention

  • 60 minutes = $55
  • 45 minutes = $45
  • 30 minutes = $35
  • Semi-private Lessons 60 minutes = $30 per person - These lessons are for two students who wish to have fun taking voice lessons together.
  • 90 minute lessons = $85

60 minute lessons are typical. Shorter lessons are common for children, and not recommended for adult voice lessons. Longer lessons are a great idea for adults who desire to combine lessons (of both voice and piano), or who wish to have more time to prepare for a performance or audition..

Beginning Piano Lessons

I strongly believe that the piano is one of the best learning tools for the beginning music student. It is percussive, fun, and easy to comprehend - all in black and white! In a fun and supportive learning space, my beginning piano students find that I'm a patient, caring, and experienced piano teacher. My beginning piano students range in age from 4 years, to 68 years old. Various recital and competition opportunities are available via my studio, MTAC, and other organizations. If you desire to take piano lessons, it is not necessary that you own a piano. However, a keyboard with full size keys (preferably weighted keys) is necessary for practice.

  • For more information, or to schedule a lesson, please contact me at: eve@evemariebordoli.com or 562.260.3255

  • Cancellation Policy

    To cancel or reschedule an existing lesson you must give at least 24 hours' notice for weekday lessons (and at least 48 hours notice for weekend lessons) by phone or email, or you will be charged for the missed session in full. Please understand that I cannot make exceptions. Scheduling a lesson is your acceptance of this policy.